Business Insurance and Your Non-Profit

Business Insurance and Your Non-Profit

Non-profit and charitable organizations are frequently highly scrutinized. Salaries are closely monitored, expenses are closely tracked, and they are almost always looking for new ways to generate funding.

There can be distinctive differences between a for-profit and a non-profit organization. There are also some commonalities. One of these could be the need for business insurance.

A solid business insurance plan protects the interests of the business owner and other investors. For a non-profit, business insurance can help protect their mission and responsibly protect the interests of stakeholders and donors.

Here are some reasons business insurance can be critical for non-profit organizations.

Many Non-Profit Organizations Own Property

If your non-profit organization owns real estate, that property can be at risk of damage or loss and have the potential for liability claims. Whether it is a church, office, warehouse, or other structure, it could experience a fire, theft, vandalism, or other damage. In addition, if someone on the property should experience a slip and fall or other injury, the non-profit could be held liable. Business insurance can help.

A Non-Profit Can Have Employees and Volunteers

Like for-profit companies, non-profit organizations can be held liable for the actions of their employees. A non-profit can have the added risk of being held liable for the actions of volunteers. The appropriate insurance policy can help protect against claims.

They Likely Have a Board of Directors

If your non-profit organization functions under a board of directors, you will probably want to protect that board from legal actions associated with their service to the organization. This can be done through errors and omissions coverage, sometimes referred to as malpractice insurance. This can help protect individual board members in the event they are sued.

Churches and charitable organizations can have a lot of assets, including real estate, promotional materials, furniture, computers, and a wealth of other resources. A proper business insurance plan can help protect these assets as well as provide critical liability coverage. Our independent insurance agents have access to companies that are familiar and may even specialize in insuring non-profits. Reach out to us to request your free consultation and price quote today.

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